Mutant Roadkill

Mutant Roadkill 1.1.1

Escaping from zombies on a highway

Mutant Roadkill is a very well-produced clone of Zombie Highway. View full description


  • Fun to play
  • Good graphics


  • Just like Zombie Highway
  • Can be a grind


Mutant Roadkill is a very well-produced clone of Zombie Highway.

Gameplay in Mutant Roadkill requires you to drive as far as possible, avoiding destroyed cars and other hazards. You are able to drive into zombies to kill them, but Mutant Roadkill also adds different types of zombies that jump on the side of your car to tip you over. You control the car by tilting the device and swiping at pre-determined times to change directions.

Mutant Roadkill contains power-ups to give you a slight edge with the stronger zombies and cars that can be purchased in addition to upgradable power-ups. It uses the same in-app purchase system that can either require a lot of grinding or buying coins with real cash.

At least graphics in Mutant Roadkill do not look the same as Zombie Highway, because a different color pallet and cell-shaded style are used. It has a different look, but it is obvious where Mutant Roadkill got its inspiration.

Mutant Roadkill is a fun game, but borrows a lot of elements from that other zombie driving game.


  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance
Mutant Roadkill


Mutant Roadkill 1.1.1